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Feeling like your body isn't quite what it used to be?

Discover How You Can Regain Strength, Balance & Confidence By

Learning The Secrets To Pilates!

Read on below to see exactly how you can enjoy the best of your golden years by implementing an exercise routine that will have you feeling secure, strong, and well-balanced!

Dear Friend,

Do you wake up in the morning feeling lethargic? 

Do you wish you had the energy to run around with kids once again? 

Feel stiff and aching bones?

If you answered yes to any 1 of those 3 questions then pay attention because what you are about to read in the next few minutes could change your life

Firstly, What exactly is the problem? Generally, it is inactivity.

Studies have shown that it only takes a few days of lying in bed to start losing your strength, flexibility, and balance.

Once this happens you are at risk of beginning the dreaded downward spiral. What is the downward spiral you ask?

The Downward Spiral is the Problem

Well, let’s say you are feeling under the weather one day.

You are retired so end up spending a few days in bed or on the recliner watching TV.

After a while, the chores start piling up. Finally, you get up one morning, and… “oops” you lose your balance — falling on the floor!

If your hip is not broken you likely have a nasty bump somewhere.

The pain causes you to spend more time in bed… day by day getting weaker and weaker. Then out comes the cane or walker.

You begin to go outside of the house less and less because it is harder to walk.

Daily chores and activities become increasingly more difficult like cooking, shopping, and taking a shower. You spend more time in the recliner and bed.

Well…you get the picture.

Moral of the story? Yes, you guessed it…Use your head…don’t stay in bed!

“Mom and Dad are just not as active as they once were, and I am worried they are becoming weaker”

On the other hand, maybe you are the child of an elderly adult. When your parents live alone and are inactive, you may worry about him or her losing strength & balance with a risk of falling at home.

This is often a big concern of family members.

Exercising and staying active will improve their chances of staying safe.

Staying active, sensibly exercising, and following a healthy lifestyle can add years of productive and functional living to your life.

So if the problem is inactivity. What is the solution? Where do I begin?

A Beginners Guide For Pilates In Your Peak Years

  • Chapter 1 – Discover How Activity Promotes Longevity.
  • Chapter 2 - The History of Pilates
  • Chapter 3 - What exactly is Pilates? Should I be doing it?
  • Chapter 4 - The Benefits of Pilates
  • Chapter 5 - Steps Before Beginning Pilates
  • Chapter 6 - What to Expect in a First Session.
  • Chapter 7 – 4 Fantastic Pilates Moves To Do.
  • Chapter 8 - Avoiding Common Pitfalls
  • Chapter - Making Exercise/Pilates Part of Lifestyle
  • Advanced Chapter – Taking Things Up a Notch

Why It's Important To Invest In This Book Right Now...

If you are looking to take care of your body and remain youthful well into your twilight years then it's important to not let anything stand in your way from doing it. 

Don't let a few dollars stop you from learning the secrets that could change your life while also enriching it. Can you put a price on health?

Well, For a very limited time, you can grab my fantastic and info-packed guide “Peak Pilates” for the amazingly low price of just $3.99

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